keep everything

by if i die in mississippi

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Filip Zemčík
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Filip Zemčík cover of my favorite teen suicide song is so beautiful Favorite track: haunt me (x3) [teen suicide].
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LTD. CASSETTE TAPE AVAILABLE VIA RUNNING AROUND RECORDS:!product-page/coww/8d9ba002-e3b3-6129-f8b0-4a07f89d1909

extremely raw versions of some old and new stuff + some covers


released March 22, 2016

1. forgiveness - originally by Mat Kerekes
4. abacus - originally by Fionn Regan
5. haunt me (x3) - originally by teen suicide
6. i drive better... - originally by Cat Posters



all rights reserved


if i die in mississippi Gulfport, Mississippi

i hope ur ready to be really sad

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Track Name: that time i drove your mailbox to the gas station
i wish i could tell you the truth
i wish i could tell you i'm useless
i wish i could tell you that even half the time you thought i was telling the truth, i wasn't
i had to choke up and lie later that day
when you got home asked what happened
i had to say "i was tired, and late for class and i'm sorry
i woke up in such a hurry
my vision was so blurry
i forgot what i was doing "
i was drunk
i never went to bed
i wanted a cigarette
i am an idiot
the look on your face
as i explained what happened
i was tired i was so late for class
and i'm sorry about losing your mail
Track Name: treehouse like in the movies
hanging out killing time
in parking lots
watching the planes take off
making out on the hood of your car

getting drunk and walking around
the casinos where we'd watch the people
waste all their money
trying to feel rich

we all want our lives to be
a sappy indie romance movie
come to think i've never seen magic before
i've never seen a real treehouse
giving up on everyone
maybe "all i ever knew about falling in love was wrong"
Track Name: i found your mail in my dreams and woke up on your lawn
mrs. interpreted missed connections
you say your tired of waiting around on me
i bet you are
mistaken impatience
is taken for granted
sometimes i call you when you're sleeping
just to annoy you
i know you hate it
but do you hate me for it?
i know you don't

in the amount of time it takes you to forget my flaws
in the morning do you think about me often?
you open your eyes patiently and say "whatcha doin?"
i'm just laying here thinking of all we could be
when we wake up
we could quit our jobs and die in bed
we could watch all those movies
we never got around to

oh and honey, we need more coffee
and blank cds and cigarettes
and can i ride with you like it was prom night
Track Name: out to lunch
off to work, i'm a jerk
i love you so much
sometimes i use it as a crutch

out to lunch, lately i've been afraid to say
what's really on my mind
guess i just need some time

home from work, you're a jerk
i love you anyways
and so i count the days until we get paid

color books, made ya look
life's not so bad
but i really miss what we had
sometimes we're really sad

go to bed sleepy head
you're the love of my life
i wanna grow old with you twice
Track Name: you can't smoke in waffle house anymore
i saw right through you
but you didn't notice
i belonged to the moment
we were stuck at a traffic light
you did drugs on the console
i was gone in a flash of light
it wasn't enough

and if you decide where it is that you wanna go
let me know
i got a tattoo to remind me of you
so when i pull myself apart
i don't feel it as much

there was supposed to be everlasting light between us