by if i die in mississippi

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BukkakeTheFrog this is what love sounds like Favorite track: the last time i saw you.
Johnny Clegg
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Johnny Clegg The emotion is raw and gets to me personally. Everything from the sound to the meaning is stunning. Favorite track: would your front porch collapse.
Filip Zemčík
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Filip Zemčík fog lake born in mississippi Favorite track: the last time i saw you.
Ashlyn Ervin
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Ashlyn Ervin This album makes me want to roll all my windows down and drive all the way down 49. When I got to the water I think I would get out and take my shoes off and cry. But in a really good way.

Jon has, once again, created something passionate and beautiful that I will force everyone I know to listen to for years to come.

Thanks for sharing some of your light with us, Jon. Favorite track: over-attached submissive sweetheart seeks despondent pin-up sadist/on a hill in a cemetery in memphis with you after five years apart.
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LIMITED CASSETTE TAPE available from Girlfriend Tapes:

i wrote this about a girl to show her how beautiful her existence is,
because i know how much she wants to die sometimes.

this was all written during late July-August of 2015, and recorded in the following months. thank you to everyone who supported, encouraged, and inspired me to put this together. i love you all.


released February 4, 2016



all rights reserved


if i die in mississippi Gulfport, Mississippi

i hope ur ready to be really sad

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Track Name: the last time i saw you
you say things you don't mean
i've lost my patience and you lost me
our love is morbid, eternal
no one gets it
Track Name: would your front porch collapse
i wanna drink coffee with you in the morning
take you out for lunch when things get boring
your hair smells delicious
like good weed on christmas
you know the difference

you are a diamond among jewels
you are a pearl among oysters
you are pretty damn special
i can't just say goodbye

you make my head spin sometimes
i worry about your addictions
memories can get blurry
my hands don't stop shaking when i think about
all i need's a blanket and your couch
i'd be happy

i found a daisy among roses
you are a good dream among nightmares
you are my favorite missing tie-dye t-shirt
you can keep it

i acknowledge these chords have probably been played
in a million different ways for a million different girls
but not you specifically
i remember us in the back seat
kanoodling to deftones

you are the best song in my opinion
they've got it all wrong
you're not a serial killer
you are a scorpion among spiders
you are my real rida' among fakes
i can't just say goodbye
Track Name: your best friend's cat
i want to be your best friend's cat
purring and nibbling on your lip
there are a number of things i'd rather be doing
like you

i wanna live in a box outside your house
i want us to watch 12oz. mouse
i wanna be with you inside my bed
i wanna paint your nails dark red
Track Name: over-attached submissive sweetheart seeks despondent pin-up sadist/on a hill in a cemetery in memphis with you after five years apart
please don't get weirded out by my overuse of exclamation marks in each text i send frantically, i swear i'm just genuinely excited to know you're out there somewhere

maybe i'm a tad over enthusiastic about saying good morning
but i get the feeling that you don't really hear it that often
and i know you are awake, you've just got nothing to say
so you keep your phone near by and wonder why
you can't get your head clear

but you know everything, don't you?
Track Name: contraband
just between you and me
Downtown Battle Mountain hits that sweet spot
between you and me
i can't think of another person i can listen to that band with
but only on the interstate and only at night
and only in the midst of our meandering with various assortments of miscellaneous paraphernalia

we might just yet be on our way
Track Name: fortune cookie
my love, tender and complete
with drugs and summer heat
high low, send me off to sleep
with feelings mixed in sheets

(When You Sleep - MBV)

doing coke, it's 5am
i don't know when i'll see you again
doing coke, it's 5am
god i hope i see you again
Track Name: the castle takes time
pack up my things, internal screams
distance, memories, all down the drain

i'm jaded with you
but i'm a lost cause myself

go get your knife, bring you back to life
waving goodbye, watching you cry

i've been talking to you by myself
in the driveway sometimes when i'm alone
and i've been wasting my life in my bed
hoping you would pick up the phone
and it's too bad